2015 Ernest Dawkins Live the Spirit Residency Big Band Memory in the Center an afro opera: Homage to Nelson Mandela Cd and Dvd ( Dawk Publishing produced by Live the Spirit Residency )

2015 Ethnic Heritage Ensemble Black is Back

2012 Ernest Dawkins Afro Straight (Delmark Records)

2011 New Horizons Ensemble: The Prairie Prophet (Delmark Records)

2011 Chicago Trio: Velvet Songs: To Baba Fred Anderson (RogueArt)

2009 Ethnic Heritage Ensemble: Mama’s House Live

2008 Ethnic Heritage Ensemble: 30th Anniversary

2008 Chicago 12: UnTill Emmett Till (Dawk Music)

2007 Chicago 12: A Black Op’Era (dedicated to Chairman Fred Hampton) (Dawk Music)

2007 Ethnic Heritage Ensemble: Hot N Heavy: Live at the Ascension Loft (Delmark Records)

2006 New Horizons Ensemble: Live at Sherwood Conservatory (Dawk Publishing)

2005 New Horizons Ensemble: Live At The Original Velvet Lounge, DVD (Delmark Records)

2005 Launched Chi-creates, the first artist owned and operated video streaming company. Numerous projects available for download online at chicreates.tv.

2004 New Horizons Ensemble: Mean Ameen (Delmark Records)

2003 Chicago 12: Misconception of a Delusion Shades of a Charade, commissioned by Sons d’hiver Festival (Dawk Music)

2002 The Aesop Quartet: European Musings (Dawk Music)

2002 Watch Me, DVD, Banlieues Bleues Festival

2001 New Horizons Ensemble: Cape Town Shuffle (Delmark Records)

1999 Beltway to Bronzeville, commissioned by the Jazz Institute of Chicago.

1999 New Horizons Ensemble: Joburg Jump (Delmark Records)

1999 Ethnic Heritage Ensemble: Freedom Jazz Dance (Delmark Records)

1998 New Horizons Ensemble: Mothers Blue Velvet shoes (Dawk Music)

1998 The Aesop Quartet: Fables for A New Millennium (8th Harmonic Breakdown Records)

1997 Ethnic Heritage Ensemble: How the Kau see Sirus (Silkheart Records)

1997 New Horizons Ensemble: Chicago Now Volume #2 (Silkheart Records)

1996 Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, Continuum

1995 New Horizons Ensemble: Chicago Now volume #1 (Silkheart Records)

1994 New Horizons Ensemble: South Side Street Songs (Silkheart Records)

1992 New Horizons Ensemble, After The Dawn Has Risen, Live at Leverkusen (Dawk Publishing)

1988 Shadow Vignettes: Birth of A Notion (Sessoms records)

1983 Film Score, “Malcolm X”, directed by Alan Segel.