2017 Commissioned by Live the Spirit Residency to compose El Cabballos dedicated to the spirit of the people of Cuba


2017 CD Release  Transient Takes, Ernest Dawkins’ New Horizons Ensemble featuring Vijay Iyer March 2017

2017 Commissioned to compose Nabagala 1917, Dedicated to the James Resse Europe and the Hellfighters, performed at Sons d Hiver festival. Paris,  January 2017.

2016  The Joyce award, In collaboration with the Old Town School of Folk Music, renowned artist Ernest Dawkins will compose a new piece that examines and celebrates Englewood’s dynamic history, and work with groups of musicians at all levels of experience to produce a culminating performance of the piece in 2017.


2015 Ernest Dawkins Live the Spirit Residency Big Band Memory in the Center an afro opera: Homage to Nelson Mandela Cd and Dvd ( Dawk Publishing produced by Live the Spirit Residency )

2015 Ethnic Heritage Ensemble Black is Back

2012 Ernest Dawkins Afro Straight (Delmark Records)

2011 New Horizons Ensemble: The Prairie Prophet (Delmark Records)

2011 Chicago Trio: Velvet Songs: To Baba Fred Anderson (RogueArt)

2009 Ethnic Heritage Ensemble: Mama’s House Live

2008 Ethnic Heritage Ensemble: 30th Anniversary

2008 Chicago 12: UnTill Emmett Till (Dawk Music)

2007 Chicago 12: A Black Op’Era (dedicated to Chairman Fred Hampton) (Dawk Music)

2007 Ethnic Heritage Ensemble: Hot N Heavy: Live at the Ascension Loft (Delmark Records)

2006 New Horizons Ensemble: Live at Sherwood Conservatory (Dawk Publishing)

2005 New Horizons Ensemble: Live At The Original Velvet Lounge, DVD (Delmark Records)

2005 Launched Chi-creates, the first artist owned and operated video streaming company. Numerous projects available for download online at chicreates.tv.

2004 New Horizons Ensemble: Mean Ameen (Delmark Records)

2003 Chicago 12: Misconception of a Delusion Shades of a Charade, commissioned by Sons d’hiver Festival (Dawk Music)

2002 The Aesop Quartet: European Musings (Dawk Music)

2002 Watch Me, DVD, Banlieues Bleues Festival

2001 New Horizons Ensemble: Cape Town Shuffle (Delmark Records)

1999 Beltway to Bronzeville, commissioned by the Jazz Institute of Chicago.

1999 New Horizons Ensemble: Joburg Jump (Delmark Records)

1999 Ethnic Heritage Ensemble: Freedom Jazz Dance (Delmark Records)

1998 New Horizons Ensemble: Mothers Blue Velvet shoes (Dawk Music)

1998 The Aesop Quartet: Fables for A New Millennium (8th Harmonic Breakdown Records)

1997 Ethnic Heritage Ensemble: How the Kau see Sirus (Silkheart Records)

1997 New Horizons Ensemble: Chicago Now Volume #2 (Silkheart Records)

1996 Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, Continuum

1995 New Horizons Ensemble: Chicago Now volume #1 (Silkheart Records)

1994 New Horizons Ensemble: South Side Street Songs (Silkheart Records)

1992 New Horizons Ensemble, After The Dawn Has Risen, Live at Leverkusen (Dawk Publishing)

1988 Shadow Vignettes: Birth of A Notion (Sessoms records)

1983 Film Score, “Malcolm X”, directed by Alan Segel.